Hinchley Wood Pilates Studio

Private and Group Pilates at Hinchley Wood Practice.

Come visit Sara’s fully equipped Pilates studio! Register your interest today or call the reception on 07866 964 779 to learn more about Pilates and how to join a class. Drop in to have a chat with Sara, view the studio and discover the benefits of working with Pilates apparatus.

I just did an introductory session with Sara, and am delighted to have found her. I have started to get physical problems from the work I do – not bad enough to go find medical treatment or physiotherapy – but bad enough that I feel I need to do something before it gets worse.

Sara was able to assess my problem, and made me aware of an area in my back that is very much related to, and possibly even creating the problem I am experiencing in my shoulders. The exercises she gave me to do are clearly helpful, and I feel better after a week of doing my “homework”.

I am looking forward to my next session with Sara, and highly recommend her.
Bineke Kiernan

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